Thursday, August 5, 2010


Finally going to update! We have been doing great. We are getting ready for our riding club meets. Trevor & his friend Richard, did the search & rescue demolition derby! They did decent but didn't last long. They enjoyed it a lot though!

I went to tulsa in June and came home with another Reserve World Champion title & 3rd Place!! So Proud of my little barrel mare! She also qualified for the AQHA World Championships in Junior & Amateur pole bending and has her Register Of Merits in Open & Amateur. She is now coming back after a month & a half off after the kid who was shoeing for the ranch took her heels off and the soles out of her feet. She is now doing great!

Jax is started under saddle and now has a new flyer!! Looking forward to a great 2011!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cool Skipin Awesome

My little boy is a proud daddy! He sired a beautiful Sorrel Stud Colt with a Blaze and 3 white socks. Here are some pictures!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Always live your life to the fullest..NO MATTER WHAT!!!

As of today, Trevor is doing amazingly! I'll get to that in a few. On Tuesday the fourth, I was up with my mom, dad, and sister for my birthday at El Farols and we had just got served when I got a phone call from Utah Valley telling me that trevor had quit breathing and they were taking him to the ICU. So, we got up and left and just as we got onto the freeway the lady called me back and said he was doing fine. I was so mad because I had missed eating my favorite food AND that something like this could happen. So we still flew back to the hospital and come to find out, after they took the catheter out he still couldn't go by himself and the lady who was putting it back in I guess took her sweet time so by the time she got the catheter back in trevor was in a lot of pain! So she gave him another shot of demerall and it stopped his breathing. They gave him some kind of narcotic that removes all the drugs in his system so he had to be without pain medicine for about 6 hours. so, on wednesday, I had our good friends Don Robinson and Skip Crawford come over and give him another blessing. After that he really started to recover. He was able to come home on Saturday. He has been doing amazingly, walking everyday and now he is able to get up on his own and he gets his stitches out this wednesday. I am so proud of him! He is already looking forward to this weekend for our Region riding club meet! And now for the title of this post. I went out Sunday to my mom's field so I could get katie out and take her for a walk after being gone for a week. I noticed my mom's cutting mare Tahitia laying down and rolling a lot. Unfortunately, this isn't unusual for this mare, but I did watch her for a while and finally decided that this wasn't one of her usual episodes. I called all 4 vets in the 2 counties and couldn't get a hold of one of them! SO IRRITATING!! So I called our good friend and equine veterinarian from up in Kaysville 3 hours away, and he told me what to give the mare for pain and he told me that either it works or we're SOL. So, we gave her what we were told and I really figured she would be dead by morning. She was still alive on monday morning and we finally got a hold of a vet so he came and rectaled her and said she just had a displacement and he gave her a shot for pain. At this point her heartbeat was 80. My mom came home at 3:00 and we finally decided to just put he down because she was suffering. This mare was the most amazing mare I have ever had the opportunity to own. She was also the mother to my two Missin Lena babies. When the vet got there to put her down her heart beat was 100. So we put her and her yearling stud colt down because he had a growth on his foot that would never allow him to be rode. Unfortunately in the past two weeks I have really learned how precious life can be especially since I have been told Trevor should have died when the mare came down on him. So, no matter what, Live your life to the fullest because you just never know when someone or something will be taken away from you. Will keep updating! I figured things can't get any worse so, it has got to be better!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The trials of life. part 1

this might take a couple posts to write this and just a warning, i needed to vent a little bit so it might get really ugly. well on saturday august 1st we had our district riding club meet. it was a pretty good show. i took 2nd in the reining and katie and I's team won the barrels and poles and for individuals she ran a 24.11 in the poles which put us second and a 17.94 in the barrels which was the fastest time of the whole show but we knocked a barrel and the only closest time near it was an 18.26. i am so proud of her. after the poles though, trevor's mare was acting really stupid when she seen some miniature ponies that were being shown the same day. we tried calming her down but she got really mad and reared up over on him. she came down on him really hard with her whole body. it took the stupid ambulance crew 12 and a half minutes to get from the ambulance garage to the fairgrounds, which on a slow day takes me 6 minutes at the most. so we got trevor stabilized as best we could on the ground then waited for the ambulance to get there. a couple of our friends and club members performed a blessing on him right there. i really appreciated it! finally they get there and take their sweet time getting him stabilized and take him to the hospital. finally they get him there and get him cleaned up. he had a 2 inch laceration and the saddle horn hit him right in the scrotum. they did a ct scan on him and said everything looked good but they were worried he had ruptured a vein so they sent him up to utah valley. we found out early sunday morning that in fact he is not fine at all but has 4 completely fractured vertebrates! how the **** do you miss that! i can't believe they're equipment is so old they can't see that! grrr. so now we're sitting in the hospital doing a very slow recovery. i'm heading to bed for the night and will blog tomorrow about how he about died. good luck everyone and make sure you tell your loved ones you love them becuase you never know when they might be taken from you.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Riding Club & More

I haven't updated in a while so I figured I would now that I have some time. We've both been very busy with work, and horses, and trevor starting to work on his demolition derby car. I got a new part-time job working with trevor's mom at Beehive homes, an assisted living business. I cook part-time and help if they need me. Trevor has been working on his new project with his friend Richard Heinz. They are doing demolition derbies. They're next derby, which I don't think trevor is driving in is August 25th at the Carbon County Fairgrounds. He is just going to mechanic. Should at least be fun to watch! $10,000.00 grand prize. After that they are doing the Peach Days Demolition Derby on September 12th in Ferron. I'm really excited that he is getting into something he loves other than the horses, since he was never into horses before he met me. Pictures will be coming after the derby. As for me, I've been working my butt off at both work & on my horses. I've rode every night for the past week since we did eliminations for western pleasure and reining in the riding club. I rode Reggie and he did decent. He was very hot and has lately been going through a phase where he must be with a mare or he acts dumb. Here are his pleasure class and reining in eliminations and we took 3rd in Western Pleasure and 2nd in the Reining. Reining:
Western Pleasure:
I have also been working with my three year old Reserve World Champion filly for our runs in barrels and poles for Riding Club. For eliminations she took 4th in barrels with a 19.84, so we weren't planning on running her in district, but I found out tuesday that I would be running her due to a friend's horse getting hurt and she was 3rd place. I then ran her in the Barrel Race on Tuesday and she ran a 19.554! I didn't even get her into the arena and she ran like a little champ! I am so proud of her! For poles we placed 2nd in poles with a 24.72. I ran her a week later at a local playday and she ran a 24.235! WOOHOO! I absolutely love this filly. She is truly a dream come true! So now we have district on Saturday and i'm sure I'll be adding more videos and the results as soon as we're done!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pinto World!!

Every year since 2007 we have made the 1400 mile drive to Tulsa, Ok to compete at Pinto World Championships. In 2007 we took Mister Bruce Almighty, he was 9th in Amateur & 6th in Open. It was a great experience for me since it was my first time ever showing! In 2008 I took Mr Almighty Scribbles, a son of bruce's. He placed 10th under one judge in amateur but did nothing in the open. This year, we hauled a 3 year old filly, RS Together Forever aka Katie, that I was given to train and my new stallion Cool Skipin Awesome aka Jax! I was so nervous about both these horses because I knew they could be great! On Sunday we showed barrels & poles in the open breeding stock classes.
Here is a video of Katie's Barrel Run! This was her second time ever running and the first time I've ever really pushed her to go. She has a heart of gold. Unfortunately there was a guy sitting about eight feet off the third barrel in a bright green shirt. We're not sure if she thought he was the barrel or if she got scared when she seen him. Either way we got a no time for breaking the pattern but I could not have asked more from her. And on the way home, I am riding with no stirrups! She's the best filly I have had the pleasure to ride.
Here is a video of her Pole Run!This was also her second time ever running poles and we changed the way she runs since the first time she ran. She made me so proud! She ran a 26.277 and we ended up Reserve World Champions!! I absolutely love this filly!!
On Tuesday I got to show Jax. I have never been more nervous in my life! Before we ever got into the class I almost had a mental breakdown. I had a flashback of when I showed Bruce and started crying. My hands and legs shook so bad while I was showing him! I am so proud of him! We received a 2nd, 3rd, & 6th and ended up 3rd overall! Can't wait for next year! He is definitely a dream come true! Here's his video:
This is Jax being shown by Hal Schiffner! He showed so well! I can't explain how proud I am of him! Big Thanks to Hal for Showing him & helping me get him!! Here is the video:
I am so excited for next year with these two horses!! Keep watching for updates on these great young horses!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Baby! Part Two!

Well, everything has been going good with our new boy cowboy! Up until Wednesday Night. We went to riding club and I noticed that he was straining to pee. When we came home i noticed dancer spraying milk all over and decided that something must be wrong. So I called Hal Schiffner and asked him what I should do. We ended up going to the store and got baby bottles and pedialyte. We ended up milking dancer and giving cowboy and enema. Enema worked great but we couldn't keep him up or get anything down him. So hal came over and looked at him and gave him some banamine. At that point we had gotten a thermometer and his temperature was 99.5. Hal finally told us that he needed to get to the vet immediately. So poor guy, we through him into the trailer and hauled him 30 miles to the vet. We got there at 11:00 and immediately put an IV in him as a precaution, then we tubed him after milking dancer again and getting milk into him. We then ran a full bag of fluids and got antibiotics into him. I went home with my husband and dad until 3 and then headed back to the vet at 3:30 to give him fluids again. I have to send a big thanks out to Hal & April Schiffner! The vet told me that either I take care of him or hire someone, so I decided to just take care of him. Hal was there to help me at 3:30 and then they let me stay in their extra bedroom so I could be back at 7. Then to make things great, thursday was the vets day off, so we had to make sure we were there every 2-3 hours to check on him. We gave him his antibiotics and he was doing better so we didn't give him any fluids until 3:00 just as a precaution. He has now been nursing and doing good on his own! So we were they again at 8 for antibiotics and I was able to stay with Hal and April so I could be back at 1 to give him his last antibiotics, or so I thought. So this morning I had the vet draw blood for a blood panel. He ran a blood panel and everything was great, electrolytes were great also, however his IgG levels are really low, 800 is optimum, 400 is really bad and his number is 428. So now we've got him on antibiotics and diarrhea medicine. We also are ready with fluids if he should need them. of right now we will be ordering an IgG transfusion on monday and getting it into him on tuesday. Then hopefully we can get over this little issue! We brought him home because the vet won't be in tomorrow and these pictures and video were taken when we got home and got him back into his stall! He is definitely doing better!